About this homepage...

Finally! After hours and hours of tweaking and learning the pitfalls of CSS I opened up the page for public access... My intention was (and actually still is) to run the page on Loomla, but I realized that this will take some more time to install and even more time to master than the simple CSS & XHTML content so far. While I will find the time to realize this project in the near to distant future, I decided to switch the page live with some of the mountain pictures that I've made, so my friends don't hear me just talking about them, but they can actually take a look at them...

I'll try to maintain the mountain pictures as up-to-date as possible, while adding older pictures and other stuff.

If you like the page, drop me a note on webmaster at loebb dot ch.



Finance and Programming stuff ...

Over the years I have coded quite some stuff in R, Matlab, VB(A), C++, C#, mainly related to econometrics & finance. I'll put some of it on this page if I find the time ...

Newest Pix

August 8th
Näbel und Chämpe (6a+)
August 15th
Sagitarius (6b)
August 22nd
August 29th
Piansecco - Grüen Nils (6a+)
September 5th
Piz Mitgel
September 12th
Bockmattli - Direkte Nordwand (6a+)
MCM 新作 キャスキッドソン アクセサリー ゲラルディーニ バッグ 新作